Step by Step Instructions

System Printers

This is the first tab you’ll see when going to Config > Printers, and this is where you install a printer into the program. Selecting New will let you add a new printer, Edit will let you edit an existing printer and Delete will delete the printer from the program. You will only be able to delete a printer after you’ve removed it from anything it was set to print.

When adding a new printer you will need to link it to an existing printer installed in windows (installed in “Devices and Printers”). You can have multiple revention printers linked to one windows printer but this may cause issues. Inside the printer model field, “-nc” stands for no cut so the printer will not cut the ticket at the end. **When saving a new printer for the first time, edit the printer after you’ve created it and re-add the printer model as it WON’T save on it’s own the first time**


Allow Auto Quantity will let the printer print multiple of the same item only once on a ticket with the quantity listed to the right. An example would be an order with 3 of the same breadsticks, the ticket will only show breadstick’s once but on the right side you’ll see quantity or qt 3. List Each Tax Type is used if you have multiple tax types (Alcohol and Sales for example) and you need both to be shown separately on the receipt. Allow PrfMbr Auto Qty is similar to allow auto quantity except it will apply to preferences rather than items. For example you have wings and the customer has the option to select 2 different sauces, but the sauce options are the same for both choices, so if they choose the same one twice it will only print that option once with the quantity to the side of it.

Customer Printers


The Customer Printers tab is where you will set printers for customer receipts. As you can see there is a left tab and a right tab, the left tab is station specific, the right tab applies to all stations.


When adjusting the left tab (which order type prints to which printer) adjust the top dropdown to get to the station you’d like to adjust. Then select which order type you’d like to adjust and change the printer on the bottom half, also make sure the correct format is selected. Apply to all order types will apply that printer and print format to all order types for the selected station, so use this carefully.


This right tab’s settings apply to the entire system. Prt on Order will tell the customer receipt to print when you hit Send on an order. Prt on Collect will print after you’ve input a payment on the order. With both selected you should get 2 print out’s per order of the customer receipt. With neither selected, depending on the payment type, you shouldn’t get any print out of the customer receipt. ***If the order was paid with a credit card, the customer and merchant receipt will print out by default, this cannot be changed*** Print Master Ticket for Split Orders is used if you want split orders to print the separate splits, and also a master ticket with everything on it on the customer receipts. Show Voids on Customer Receipt will show voided items on the customer receipt.

Kitchen Printers


The Kitchen Printers tab is where you set printers up to print kitchen tickets. To add a printer, select it in Available Printers and select Add to move it to the right into the Kitchen Printers window. Then select the printer in the Kitchen Printers window to edit this printer.


This is where you can tell the kitchen printers what they should be printing. The Kitchen Print Category is set in the menu on each item, modifier and preference. You can add a new print category in the bottom right with the “Add or Rename” field. Also make sure the printers all have a format or you will get a strange error when sending orders.



Do Not Sort Items


Do Not Sort Items option stops the printer from using the automatic sort feature defined in the Menu Editor. Menu Items will be displayed as they were ordered.


Print Seat Number


Print Seat Number is an option that’s only selectable when ‘Do Not Sort Items’ is enabled. This will print the seat number next to the Menu Item in brackets.  


Sort by Seat Number


Sort by Seat Number will organize the preparation ticket by seat number. This will override other sorting options and reorganize all Menu Items by Seat Number. 


Use Small Font


For this feature to work, the setting ‘Use Seat Numbers’ will need to be turned on for one or more of the Order Types. This setting controls the size of the font used to indicate the Seat Number.


Print Previous Items



The Print Previous Items option will make all items print on the preparation ticket whenever a prep ticket is created.  For example, the order is first saved with a Pizza and a Salad. The customer then calls back and wants to add an Appetizer. Assuming there is just one prep ticket, all items print again on the prep ticket and separated by the when the Appetizer is added. This feature is most useful for a delivery concept. When the revised order is received, the original prep ticket is removed from the line and replaced. 


Print Additional Items


The purpose of Print Additional Items is to allow both kitchen prep stations to know what the other station is preparing. Typically the printer used by the lead behind the line will use this feature. 

Example:  The kitchen has 3 prep printers. Printer1 is Cold, Printer2 is Pizza, and Printer3 is Fry. The Pizza products dictate the overall preparation time. It would be helpful for Printer1 and Printer3 to have this setting on so they will be aware their products are waiting for a pizza. 


Use Normal Font


Use Normal Font is only available if ‘Print Additional Items’ is enabled. This setting changes the font size of additional items to be in smaller font. It is recommended that the ‘Use Normal Font’ option be selected to prevent confusion by having a visual difference.


Do Not Print Local Orders


Do Not Print Local Orders causes orders taken from the station to not print a kitchen preparation ticket. The stipulation being that the order was taken on the computer that is running the designated kitchen printer. Example: A bartender rings in an order for bar beverages. This order would usually require a bar preparation ticket. Since the order was taken by the bartender making the drink, a prep ticket is unneeded. All other workstations’ orders would continue printing the bar prep ticket. Revention references which printers are installed on the workstation to determine what is considers as a local order.


Print Preselected Modifiers






Print Preselected Modifiers will print the defined pre-assigned modifiers associated with a menu item on the kitchen prep ticket. To define a Modifier as one to print on the kitchen prep ticket, you must update the modifier in the Menu Editor under the Pre-selected Modifiers tab. 


This setting must be turned on for each modifier by item it is assigned to.

·         Edit Menu Group

·         Select Preselected Modifiers tab

·         Highlight the Item

·         Highlight the Preselected Modifier

·         Check the option

·         Continue for each Modifier to display


Print Recipes


Print Recipes will show the product recipe below the menu items on the preparation ticket. To configure recipes, please consult the Inventory Guide’s Recipe section.


Show Default Preference




Show Default Preference will print the defined pre-assigned Preference associated with a menu item on the kitchen prep ticket. 


This overrides the setting in the Menu Editor and allows the items to still print on the kitchen prep ticket.


Show Substituted Preference


Show Substituted Preference will print a ‘sub’ tag on to any changes made to the default preference and also print what the default preference was before being altered.


Index Kitchen Ticket


Index Kitchen Ticket is a useful setting that helps staff quickly identify the total amount of tickets printed for the order and mark each prep ticket printed with 1 of 3  2 of 3, and 3 of 3 respectively.


No Voids to Kitchen


No Voids to Kitchen prevents voided items from being printing in the kitchen.


Show Voids on Reprint


Show Voids on Reprint will show the voided items on a preparation ticket when the order is reprinted for the kitchen.


Print One Item Per Ticket


Print One Item Per Ticket is a specialized feature created to help expediters mark completed items or indicate which item is contained in a to go box.  An individual preparation ticket is created for each item ordered rather than having the entire order being displayed on a single ticket.


Stage Print Only


When the Stage Print Only setting is on, the printer will not generate a prep ticket unless programmed to create one via the Stage Settings. See the Order Stages section in the Order Guide for more information.


Print by Order Type




Print by Order Type allows preparation tickets to be directed to specified printers depending on the order type.  Example:  A location sells slices of pizza.  If the order type is “Counter” and the customer is present, a preparation ticket may not be required because the slice is pulled from the holding area by the order taker.  But if a slice of pizza is ordered for Pick Up, Delivery or even Dine In, it may require a preparation ticket. The guide will go into more detail on this subject matter after this section.


If the option to Print by Order Type is selected, the Order Types button will appear. This is where the order types will be defined for this particular printer and kitchen print categories.



Label Printers


Label printers are similar to kitchen printers, but with a few less options. ***Label printers can only test print from this page, test prints from windows and the system printers tab will not print anything*** After you add your label printer from Available printers to Label printers you can select which kitchen print categories it is printing (These link to the categories in Kitchen printers tab).


Stage Print Only


Stage Print Only option is used when a label is to print only by the order moving from one stage to another, as opposed to menu items being saved and sent to the kitchen for preparation. See Stages Configuration.



Print All Labels Upon Update


Print All Labels Upon Update would allow all labels for a particular order to be reprinted upon any additional item(s) being added to the order. This option ensures the indexes on the labels are accurate. i.e. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3.


Header for Deferred Orders



Header for Deferred Orders prints an additional label when the order is deferred. This header will show customer due time.  Test allows the Deferred Header label to be tested.


Print Modified Items Only


Rather than printing all Menu Items, label printers can be configured to print labels only when a Menu Item has been modified. This way the modified item can be labeled and distinguished from the other menu items.



Local Printers


The Local Printers tab will let you set specific printers for specific print outs, per station. First select the top dropdown and change to the station you’d like to adjust. Some of these tickets are dependent on the stage being set up to work (Delivery Ticket, Expo Ticket). Delivery Ticket is the ticket that prints when you dispatch a delivery order. The Expo Ticket is similar to a kitchen ticket but in an expo format. Mailing Labels are generated in the Mgmt > Marketing tab, this needs to be a full page printer. The Reports printer needs to be a full page printer as well. Maps will be the printer you print directions from. Other is any other kind of print out so cashdrawer receipts mainly.


Defer Options




Defer Default Hour


Sets the ‘Order Due Time’ for all deferred orders. This feature will allow you to change the due time to a set hour instead of manually inputting it.  


Defer Force Print Hour


This setting will cause Revention to look for any deferred orders that are set to print for the day and forces the Deferred orders to automatically print and activate at the set time.


Print Defer On Send


Turning this option on will cause a customer ticket to print out once the order is confirmed. This extra copy can then be used as a reminder for yourself or your staff. The Deferred order will still print a kitchen ticket at the allotted time and date of its activation.


The Defer Options tab will allow you to set various default values for your deferred orders.

Print Kitchen Ticket when Sending will print a Kitchen Ticket on send, similar to print defer on send with the customer receipt.



The Tools/Diags tab is used to restart your print services if printers aren’t printing, and to set the default windows printer. Try to always set the default windows printer to a full page printer, if it is set to a receipt printer you may see strange formats when viewing reports or customer account statements. Here is an example of this:




The Routing tab is where you can route one printer to another if one printer isn’t working, or you’ve removed the printer but you’re expecting to replace it in the future and don’t want to set it back up. Routing will keep all the configurations for both printers but will pass prints from one printer to the routed printer. In this example, anything that normally prints to Printer3, will be routed or forwarded to Station2 printer.





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