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Not only can you add tips to credit card payment from the cash out screen for your drawers, but you can also view and add tips from the order look up screen. This guide will walk you through how to do so.


First thing is to confirm that the employee that is expected to have the feature enable has the necessary securities to do so. Navigate to Mgmt > Employee > Edit > Security and confirm ‘View all credit cards in order look up’ is allowed.



Once you have confirmed that the security is enabled you must confirm that the station you are wanting to add tips from has an active cash drawer open. The drawer for the current shift should look like this:


*Notice the open status this indicates an active open drawer. Please note you will only be able to add tips from order look up if there is an open drawer on the station you are on.

Now that we have confirmed an open drawer, we will navigate to the order look up screen. Cash > Order look up > Tips


Select the Tips button shown above, and it will take you to the CC tip adjustment screen from here you can adjust any CC transaction just as you would from the cash out screen. As you can see, I am able to add a $5.00 tip to order 72 by using the keypad on the right. Pressing set tip will finalize the adjustment and can be adjusted at any point during the shift.




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