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The Revention POS System has a feature that allows an employer to print out and even email a schedule to an employee. This is very useful is an employer does not want to display everyone’s schedule to every employee for security reasons.


In order to print out the schedule it is very simple to do, Please note everything in this guide is under the assumption that the internally scheduler is used in the POS

Just go to the time clock and click the print schedule button at the bottom right


You can also print out the schedule by going to management then employee schedule and click print at the bottom right


Emailing a schedule to an employee is a little bit different

There are a couple steps that need to be setup in order to be able to print out an employees schedule:

You must have your email server setup in the POS in order to do that go to:

a.      Mgmt then Reports


b.      Then click on Report Packages in the upper right


c.       Then email and setup the Mail server. This works with a Gmail or Gmail enterprise accounts going through port 587


Click test to confirm it is connecting successfully

The employee must have an email setup in there employee profile

a.      Go to Mgmt then Employee


b.      In the employee profile select the employee and enter an email address


Once all that is configured go back to the timeclock and hit print schedule you will get a message shown below:.


Click yes to email the schedule



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