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There are instances where you’d want to relay information to your employees regarding changes or updates that your employees need to be aware of for business operation. HungerRush POS provides a simple solution to make sure your employees are kept up to date.


There are security prerequisites needed to make use of this functionality. Typically, this is a feature used by managers. Navigate to the following area Mgmt. then select Employee and confirm the following permissions are enabled for the employees needed.


Once enabled we can now create and schedule messages to be sent to employees via the timeclock feature. Go to Timeclock and login in with your password then Once logged in select the messages button it will look like this:


Once in the messages section select New on the top left corner: 


You will then be able to create and send any type of messages needed like sending an email. You can choose to send to all or specific employees or opt to select certain labor types instead. To send to all simply select ‘Send to all’ button. Too add specific employees use the drop down under ‘Add Recipient’. To add labor types, use the drop down under ‘Add Labor Type’. Below is an example of what a message would look like:


 In this example we have created a new message that will be sent to the entire staff by selecting the ‘Send to all’ setting. Notice the check box for ‘required’ is enabled, this will force employees to read this message upon clock in to ensure all employees read the message.

 There is also a setting to ‘Delay send until’ this feature will delay any message if changes or updates are set for the future, and you don’t want to notify your staff until a specified date.

 To finalize your message simply press send. Below is an example of what an employee would see upon clock in without first reading the required message:


 Once they select the messages button, they should see the message at the top with an exclamation symbol indicating that it is a required message that must be read:


To read the message click the Read button at the top. This will take them to the message and the message is now marked as read and this employee is now able to clock in. Click return on the top right.


Message is marked with an open envelope symbol indicating it has been read by the employee:


Click Exit at the top right to go back to the timeclock screen. Employee can now clock in.




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