Step by Step Instructions

To get to the new labor types Navigate to Configuration then choose System.


In the system configuration page select the labor tab to take you to the labor types page as seen in the screenshot below.


To make a new labor type you will select the add new button it will then ask you to name the Labor type.

In this example ill be creating a Driver Labor type.


From this part you will assign a default labor rate, security group  and configuring the labor type to fit its roll.

Since we are making a driver it will look like this when everything is set up how I want it to look

Similar to this.


With the labor type completed we can hit the save button.


Assigning To The Employee

To assign it to employees  Click the Exit button then navigate to Management and click employees.


In employees select the employee you want to assign it to then select edit. Then Labor it will take you to this screen.


Then select New then assign the order type created and a payrate if you wish.


Select finish and exit edit. It will prompt you to save.

Select yes and that’s it.

The employee will now have the option to clock in as that order type. (if it’s the only order type it will automatically be selected as he default)




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