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There might be times where you have an order that needs split into multiple orders for for the individual customers.

First you will need to ring in the full order.


After all items have been entered select the split button below the order.


This will take you to the split order screen. It shows the original order on the left and on the right are the split orders.


On the order on the left highlight the item you wish to move then on the check to the left you wish to move it to click add. As you can see below the new split now has an item in it.


This can be utilized to split a single order into as many checks as you may need for the customers.

If there is a item that is being covered over multiple checks you can split the price of a single item across multiple checks as well.

To split a single Item first select the item and on the left side click the Split single Item button.


You will then get a pop up asking the number of splits you want for the item. Select the number of checks and the price of the item will be evenly distributed across the checks.


If you find that there may have been a mistake while splitting select the Clear All Splits button on the right to remove them and start over.


Once you have all items on the proper orders you may select the green OK button in the bottom right to finish the splitting of the order.split_an_order_8.png




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