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Close day must be done every night but for a station to be able to close day it must be given the permission to allow the close day function. This is configured at a station-by-station level, and you can choose which stations are allowed and which aren’t.


Before we set configurations, we need to verify if the station already has close day option. Go to MGMT and in the bottom right you will see a blank spot if the station you are at isn’t allowed to perform a close day.


Now we need to go to Config then click on Computer.


At the top center of the screen select the station from the drop-down menu you wish to allow close day.


Located on the right, close to the bottom of the page is a check box that says Allow Close Day Function. This needs to be selected to be able to close the day on the selected station.


After that has been selected click save on the bottom right.


Now that the config has been saved exit and restart Revention on the station to ensure that the changes take effect. Then go to MGMT and you should now see the close day button.station_to_close_6.png




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