This is the Order Lookup screen location in Orders and under the button Order Lookup.


On the top left there is a dropdown box that lets you filter by Order Type for the Orders listed below.

  • The default for this box can be set in Config > Computer > General.


At the bottom of the list you have three options: Unpaid, Paid, and Both.

  • These options let you filter the list down even further to locate a specific order.

To the right of the list you have the option to sort the Orders that populate

  • You can sort by Order number, Table number, or Customer name


This is an example of the ‘Both’ option where you can see both Paid an Unpaid orders.

  • Note that Paid orders will have a small X in the “Pd” column on the list.


If you are a Server, or Server Manager, you may have another drop down box at the top marked Server.

  • This box will allow you to select which orders you want to view by the Server that it is under.


On the right you have the Order Search function.

  • You can search by Order number, Phone number, or Table number

  • To use it you simply type or tap the number into the pad and press Retrieve in the bottom right


At the bottom of the screen is the Order Detail button. If selected, the Order that gets Retrieved will show a preview pane.

  • There will be a few options in the Order Detail pane, Retrieve Order, Pay Order, and Print Order

§  Retrieve Order will take you to the Order screen allowing you to have full access to the Order’s options.

§  Pay Order will move you immediately to the Collect screen for payment collection.

§  Print Order will populate another menu allowing you to


Next there’s the Merge Orders button on the bottom.


When you select this button you’re taken to a new screen where you can Merge two orders together by selecting one on the left and one the right then pressing the Merge button in the middle.


You will get a confirmation screen before the action completes. This CANNOT be undone.

  • Note that the Order on the left will be merged TO the order on the right, therefore the Order Number will be the same as the Order selected on the right.


The next button at the bottom is the Reassign button. This button is only available when a Server or Driver is clocked in with an open drawer.


The Order Search option will be overlayed by this screen on the right.

  • Note you will have to select an Order on the left first to populate the Reassign From box

  • Select the dropdown for Reassign To

  • Press the Reassign Order button on the right


Another window will open confirming your selection.


 The last option at the bottom is Tips.


On this screen you can assign tips to orders taken by a Server.

  • When Credit Card Tips is selected there will be two Search options on the top right – Order Number and Last 4 Digits.

  • This pad functions the same as the Order Lookup Search.


When you select Account tips you can only Search by Order Number.


When you are ready to add a tip, select the Order you want to add a tip to then enter it with the pad on the right.


If you add a tip above 50% you will get a warning notification.


The Tip will populate on the same line you selected once added.lookup_functions_21.png




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