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In this guide we will walk through how to collect payments to pay towards customer accounts.

When you do this the station you are going to be taking a account payment must have a open drawer on it. It will not let you make a payment on a station that doesn’t have a open cash drawer.


Once your on the station with a open cash drawer to make a account payment.

Navigate to Cash.


Then Select Account Payments.


It will pop up this page.


Then Select the account you want to make the payment towards and select make payment

It will take you to this page.


Select how they want to make the payment.

And enter in the amount to be paid.

Acct Cat can be blank or set to none.

After it looks like this with the payment amount being whatever there going to pay towards the balance select tender.

It will prompt you where to print the receipt and then take you back to the Cash screen and print the receipt.

And that’s how you make a payment towards accounts.




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