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An inventory recipes are very useful for Cost management and proper inventory management. To create a recipe please ensure the Inventory has all items and modifiers configured and input prior to beginning. To Create a Recipes do the following:

Log into the POS and got to MGMT then select Inventory.


Go to Recipes:


Once you load the Recipes screen you will see all the items currently input into the inventory. It will show all items, Modifiers, preferences, and batch items

When you select and item (for this example olive oil) you will see all the sizes that can be used in the Menu group the item falls in:


The prices are assigned based on the item cost in the menu

Modifiers is a little bit more in depth

It shows how many of each Mod is used per size:


Quantity is based off the item setup in the Items section for how a item is received (for example Cheese is in cups or ounces as opposed to cheese slices)

Preferences follow similar properties as items.

Batch is a different section of inventory.

A batch item is something that is made in bulk for use throughout the day. (ex. Pizza sauce)

To make a batch item you need to select what other items go into said batch item (for example: Pizza sauce would include Tomatoes, herbs, other ingredients) all of this will show in the batch recipe. When creating this you will need to input the unit (case, box, pound) then the quantity of each unit for that item.

Once all this is configured the recipe will be setup. TO use it properly in the POS you can enable your KDS unit to show recipes which will display the items full recipe on the KDS for easier use.




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