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In this guide, we are going to cover the Purchase Orders section of Inventory.

Purchase Orders are primarily used for keeping track of the amount of inventory items and ingredients that are being purchased from the Vendors that you purchase from.

Any item that gets added within the purchase order will make all the counts of that item in inventory go up.

Let’s get started on creating one.

First, navigate to Mgmt then to Inventory


 Next, select Purchases and then New.


You will get prompted if you want to add a New Purchase Order.


To start, you’re going to Add the Vendor you’re purchasing from at the top right. The dropdown Vendor list will consist of Vendors that have been configured in the Vendors section of inventory.


Next, you will add in the items that you are listing in this Purchase Order that you purchased from this Vendor.

 You can use either Item# or the Item field to search for and input the items that was received from the vendor

The item name or number will auto-populate as you type


The Unit field will auto-populate to whatever is set to the Order By unit in the Items section of Inventory.

You will then put the amount ordered of that unit


Next, validate the amount received in the Rec column which would normally be the same number that was input in the Qty column


Repeat these steps until you have filled in all the necessary info relevant to the purchase order from the vendor.


When you are done, you would Post the Purchase Order by selecting Post All


*Disclaimer* Make sure that the Post Date and the PO Date match whenever you’re posting the items in your Purchase Orders so that way your reports stay accurate!


If you are also doing Vendor Invoices, you would input an Invoice Number from the vendor at the top right. 


We will now discuss the options at the bottom and what they mean.


--Download Invoice: This option only applies if there is a direct Inventory Integration that’s set up in Config> Business Info> Inventory Integration. 

This option downloads the invoice from the vendor set in that integration. 


--Upload PO: This option only applies if there is a direct Inventory Integration that’s set up in Config> Business Info> Inventory Integration.

This option uploads the current purchase order to the integrated platform that’s configured for reporting and cost tracking.


--Import Invoice: Use this feature to import invoices given by the vendor to minimize the amount of input. *This will only work in .rif file formats*


--Export: Use this option to export the Purchase Order in a PDF, Excel, or Word file format to whichever desired file location.


--Print: Use this option to print the selected Purchase Order to the desired printer.


--Delete: Use this option to delete the selected Purchase Order. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion.


--Copy to New: Use this option to clone the selected Purchase Order which will create a new one with the same information




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