I am not getting my reports at night.

  • Make sure you check the spam folder in your email.

  • Try to run the package again in your POS, if you do not receive an error message, the Close Day may have not run correctly.

  • Be sure to Close Day correctly every night.


I did not get my reports last night, can you email them to me?

  • The process for emailing reports again is simple.

  • Navigate to Mgmt

  • Reports

  • Click on Report Packages

  • Under Selected Package, select the Daily Close Day Package that you have set to run every night.

  • Under Parameters, Select the Report Period you would like to run the report for. In most cases, this will be ‘Yesterday’. But you may also want to select a specific day.

  • If you would like to set a specific day, choose ‘Selected’. This will let you pick a DATE or DATE RANGE to run this report for.

  • When you are finished, be sure to set the Report Period back to ‘Today’ so the Current Day will be sent automatically when closing.


The numbers on my DPR don’t look right / I am short or over money.

  • Reference the DPR Over/Short Troubleshooting Guide and be sure that all your Cash Drawers and Employee Drawers are closed and balanced to $0.00


I’ve checked everything you mentioned, why am I still not getting reports emailed to me?

  • If everything looks normal but you are just not getting the reports, it is possible that your email is not listed to receive reports.

  • Navigate to Mgmt

  • Reports

  • Click on Report Packages

  • Select the Email Tab.

  • Email Addresses entered to be used in the system are listed on the top left section. To add a new email address, simply type in your email and click Add.

  • The Assign Addresses to Packages section below is where you can add it to a list.

  • On the Right Side, Select the Report Package in the dropdown list next to Selected Package.

  • Select your email address in the dropdown list under Email Address and click the Add > button.

  • Click on  Return to Reports to Save the changes.




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