My Item is not printing on the ticket with the rest of the order.

  • Go to Config

  • Printers

  • Kitchen Printers

  • On the Right Side, make sure the Kitchen Print Category associated with the Item is selected on the printer.

o   *Kitchen Print Category can be found assigned on the Item within Edit Menu*

o   If only this item is not showing on the ticket, check the Item in Edit Menu to ensure it has the correct Kitchen Print Category.


How do I re-route a Printer?

  • Go to Config

  • Printers

  • Routing

  • Select the printer you would like to re-route, then on the drop down below select the printer you would like to Re-Route to and click Apply. All print jobs that were going to that printer will now go to the new routed printer.


I sent in an order and it didn’t print to the kitchen, can I test the printer?

  • To test if a printer is functioning:

o   Click Config

o   Printers

o   System Printers

o   Select the Printer and click Test Print

  If a page printed, then the printer is connected properly.

If Order Tickets are still not printing, but the test works, the issue may be with the configuration.

o   If the page did not print:

Kitchen Printers should be connected to the internet. Check all the cables in the back of the printer to make sure they are plugged in all the way.

Take the cables out, and plug them back in. Then restart the printer (power off and on).


Customer Receipts aren’t/are printing when I place an order.

  • Print on Order and/or Collect

o   Customer Receipts are set to print based on their Order Type

o   Go to Config

o   Printers

o   Customer Printers

o   On the Right Side, a Green check mark indicates “Prt on Collect” or “Prt on Order” is enabled for this Order Type.

o   A Red X indicates this option is disabled.





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