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Let’s say an apartment complex, business, hotel, or school hasn’t been added into your POS before and you want to do so. The easiest way to do so is through a customer’s profile.

To start, we’ll log into Revention and go to Mgmt > Customer


You can add a new customer, or search for an existing one using the available options. Select the one you would like to edit.


Now in the Edit Customer screen, on the right, you’ll see the options to create a new location.


Select the one that applies to the customer’s location, and you’ll see new fields populate below to be filled in. For example, we’ll create a new business by selecting Business, then filling in the Business Name and Address. Once finished, clicking Save in the bottom right of the screen will not only save the changes to the customer, but also save the location and address for future use and addition to other customers.


After you Save the changes and the location has been added, you can see by going to another customer that doesn’t have this location assigned, selecting Business again, and starting to type the Business Name, your new location will show up on the right in the list of saved locations. You can select it from there and the rest of the name and address will automatically populate. The steps to add an apartment, hotel, or school are the same





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