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In some cases, you may have multiple customer profiles for the same customer that aren’t necessary. To fix this you can simply merge the accounts into one.

Log into the POS application with your employee login. Once at the main menu  select Config then select Customer Maint.


Once in the customer maint. section, we have the ability to search for customers by name, phone, email etc.


In this case we will search by phone and pull up any customer profile with the phone number (111) 111-1111. Once the phone number has been typed into the field press Find to see your results.


As you can see, we have 2 customer profiles that share the same phone number. Since we have confirmed these are the same customer, we can simply merge them to prevent confusion.


To merge we will use the Merge customers Feature located to the right of the screen.


Use the From and To section to determine what customer profile will merge in this example we can see that the top result includes an address so we will aim to keep this profile and merge the second. 

Simply select the profile you want to merge onto the other,  by clicking the profile this will go into the From box then select the profile you wish to keep this will go in the To box. Select by clicking the From/To arrows.


Now that we have selected and added the account to there proper section we will click the Merge button to complete the merge process. 

Click yes to confirm this change and save.


Once complete we can now see that there is only one customer profile.merging_customers_8.png




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