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When it comes to bars, efficiency is key in being able to maintain a potentially high customer volume type of environment.

One of the settings that is offered through our POS software is being able to get the customer’s name from swiping the credit card which when doing so will generate a customer’s first and last name instead of having to manually enter it in.

 This simple feature might sound small but to a bar owner, seconds of time saved equals more business efficiency.

 Here’s how to enable getting the Customer’s Name from Credit Card.

 Navigate to Config then System then go to Order Types & Stages.


Select the Order Type that is specific to the Order Type that you use for your Bar and enable “Get Cust Name From CC”.


Once this is done, exit from this screen and access the Orders screen and ring up an item under the specified order type.


Hit “Collect” or “Send” and you’ll then see this screen.


After seeing this screen you swipe the Credit Card on the MagStrip Reader on the side of the station (MSR) to get the Customer’s Name from the MagStrip of the customer's credit card which allows you to pre-authorize a credit card to start a tab shortly afterwards.





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