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In the case that your kitchen display screen goes down and you need to set another station to be the new kitchen display screen there are certain steps that need to be followed in order to accomplish this. These steps are as follows:

 From the main options on the POS select the ‘Config’ tab followed by the ‘Kitchen Display’ option.


Next, you will need to select the item display/kitchen display/production display that you will be assigning to another station and the select the ‘Edit’ option.


From the top left, select the drop-down menu labeled as ‘Computer Name’. This will allow you to select the new station that will display the options that the former item display/order display/production display was showing.


Once you have chosen the new station, select the save button to save the configuration that you had just made.


In order for the new station to now display as what you configured, you will need to exit the POS application completely (on the new station) and then re-open the application. The station will then launch into a KDS mode automatically and display what it needs to.




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