Step by Step Instructions  

Navigate to Config then select Kitch. Display. (Do not go to Management Kitch. Display this is just to turn on the KDS on that station ) 

Select new Item Display.


It will pop up the KDS config screen.


This screen breaks down into 4 sections. 

This is where you will assign the station that will be the item display here.

As well as what colors you want them to show up as.


 This section is where you’re going to set when items will start to alert the staff when the item has been on the display for to long.

Caution minutes will turn the item yell after the set amount of minute.

Warning minutes Will turn the Item red.

Recall minutes is the time frame after you bump the item off the display to when you can bring it back.

Use prep time is to use the estimated time based on the order type.

 Production items is if you have an item (ie chicken strips) that are cooked in batches so it will show the items per order but also the total of chicken strips the cook should be making.


 You will select the Kitchen groups you want to show up on the item display here.

And sort it by order types if you choose. (ie if you want dine ins to always be at the top of the list )

You will also set the maximum number of items that will show at once and as they are bumped off the newer items will show up in their place.


There are the settings of KDS.

That affect add table numbers, preference and even changing how modifiers show up.

The only one that requires extra things to be set up is print label and use audio alert.

 Print label Requires a label print is set up and is configured to print the menu groups that this item display shows.

Use audio alerts you need speakers plugged into the KDS itself.

 For any other information regarding Item KDS settings Please contact or Text support.congif_item_disp_6.png




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