Step by Step Instructions 

In order to configure the stages for you KDS you will navigate to the Config tab and choose System


Next you will choose the Order Types/Stages tab and then the Stages subtab. In this tab you will see the preset Stages that are available, as well as be able to create new ones if need be.


Next you will go to the Stage Seq. tab. Here you will choose the order types that will follow the stages and then select the stages that will be used for that order type. If you would like a stage to be used by the selected order type, use the arrows between the 2 boxes to move them from Available to Selected. You can use the downward facing arrow next to Selected Stages to move the stages into the order you would like them to be. The top will be the first stage and the bottom of the list will be the last.


Next you will choose the Stage Events tab. Here you will create the stage events that will happen at each stage. The dropdown is where you will select the stage to create the events for. You will then select the New button to create a new event. (if you would like to delete an existing event, simply click on the event and then click delete)


When you click New to create the event it will bring up this popup. Here you will select whether the event should happen upon entering this stage or exiting it. You will also select from the drop down which event you would like to happen. (For KDS events, you would choose one of the “Send to Display” events) Then choose which order types it will be used for and the direction of the event, which for KDS events will be “Both Directions”. After selecting all your options and then click Save.


Now all you need to do is exit and relaunch Revention at all stations for the changes you’ve made to take effect.




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