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Use this coupon when you want to give your customers or employees an amount or percent off of their entire order. For example, if you have a $5 off of your order when you spend $25, or and Employee get 50% off of their order when not working.


Go to MGMT and click on the Coupons.


Click on create new.

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Click on the Entire Order button. When you do this you have 3 sub categories Amount, Percent Off, and Set Price.

Each one has their own uses.

a.       Amount off would be used when you have $5 off your order when you spend $25.

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b.       Percent Off which would be used when your have employees who get a free meal while working.


Select the subtype of coupon that would work best for your situation.


Enter the coupon name, when you do that the button name and the receipt name will automatically populate.


The boxes that will be available will depend on the subtype you selected. The Qualifying Amt will be available for all of the items. This is where you would put the amount you want the customer to spend before the coupon becomes available to be used.


a.       If you selected the Amount Off the coupon value will be available to enter the dollar amount.


b.       If you selected the Percent Off the Percent Off box will allow you to enter the percentage, you wish to take off. Also, with this subtype you can set the maximum values that the coupon can take off.


Next you would enter the coupon description. 


Next you have the options for the coupons.

a.       If Not valid with Other Coupons is selected then the customer can use only this coupon on their order.


b.       Single Use Only (Once Per Customer) means that you must have a customer in put on the order for the coupon to show up. This will also make it so that they can only use the coupon once on that customer’s profile.


c.       No Discounted Items in Qualifying Amt means that when it looks at the qualifying amount it will not take any items that have been discounted into account.


d.       Require Approval means that a manager would need to enter their number to approve the use of that coupon.


e.       Apply to All menus will make it so that if you have multiple menu’s the coupon would show up on all of them.  If this is unchecked it will only show the coupon for the currently selected menu.


f.        Free delivery would make it so that the delivery fee is zeroed out if there is one.


g.       If Delivery Fee if Zero is selected then the delivery fee will charge even if the coupon make the order zero.


h.       Is active means that the coupon is currently available for use.

i.         Exclude Order Types is used when you want to use this coupon for a specific order type or types. When you check this box it will open up a new page that will show all of your available orders types. **** Remember the order types that you place on the left are the ones that the coupon will not show up for.****


                               i.      Select the order type you do not want the coupon to show for

                              ii.      Hit the add button


                             iii.      Once you have the order types you do not want the Coupon to show up for hit ok.

j.       Set Start date allows you to choose the date which you want the coupon to become active. When you check this box a drop down will appear with the date, simply choose the date you want it to start.


k.       Is online means that this coupon will show up in your Hunger Rush website.


l.       Apply by Time allows you to set the coupon to show up only at specified times. You will get a start time and an end time drop down when you select this option.


m.       Apply by Weekday allows you to set the coupon to be only available on specific days.


n.       Report Group is where you want the coupon to show up in the reports. This will contain all of your report groups that you set up for your items.


o.       Tax type is where you will put what kind of tax the coupon is going to be associated with.


p.       Set Expiration allows you to put a date which the coupon will become inactive.


q.       Require Validation code means that when the employee or customer tries to use this coupon they will be required to enter a code for the coupon to work. Once you check this box you will need to put a validation code in.

** Note: Validation codes can only be used on one coupon at a time. Meaning Validation codes cannot be shared across multiple coupons.

                       i.      You can type in a validation code once the new screen has popped up.


                     ii.      You can set the code to have an expiration date after which the code will no longer work.

                     iii.      Click add


                    iv.      Click ok when you have added the validation codes that you want to use.


Click on Save when you are done setting the coupon up the way that you want.

Test the coupon by using it on an order.





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