Step by Step Instructions

Coupons can be shared across multiple locations that are using the same menu. They can be created at one location, exported as a file type, and then imported at another location. Please see detailed steps below in order to complete a coupon exportation.

From the main options after logging into Revention, select the Utilities tab and then the Import/Export options.


Next choose the ‘Coupons’ tab and the options at the top of the page are for exporting the coupons from your POS. Choose the menu you are exporting the coupons for then select the ellipsis next to the text box labeled ‘File’ and name your file to be exported as well as where exactly you want the file to be located.


Save after completing and then simple hit the Export button to begin the exportation of your coupons.


After exporting you may then locate where you exported the file and save to a portable storage device or email the file to yourself so you may transfer to another location of your choosing.




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