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Closing the day is a procedure that needs to be done every night at the end of the day. Below is the steps you will need to take to properly close the day.

First we will need to make sure all orders have been tendered and closed then we want to make sure all drawers are balanced and closed and all deposits have been entered.

For Customers who do not use Restaurant Management will find the Close Day button under the MGMT tab.


.Close day.png

For the Customers who use Restaurant Management you will find the Close Day button under Cash. 


Close day rm.png

We will check the Close Day screen for any open orders and open drawers. Make sure they are all closed before running close day.


close day screen.JPG

Then you will make sure that Batch Credit Cards is check marked and Business date is the current date.


batch cc.JPG

You may now click close day in the bottom right, you will then be prompted with a pop up making sure its ok to batch credit cards select yes and the system will finish closing the day.


close day button.JPG

*F.Y.I.* -  Some sites may be required to do inventory counts or enter the deposit before close day can be done. This is dependent on the company policy of the store




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