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Sometimes an order or just an item may need to be voided, comped or set as waste or a price adjustment is needed. The Manager Functions on the order screen is where you will be able to do that.


First in the order screen with the order pulled up and items rang in you will need to make sure that the order has not been paid for, but if it has you will need to remove the payment before using the Manager Functions.

In the bottom left click on the button labeled Manager Functions.


That will bring up a list of manager options for the order.


Select Entire order to apply your adjustment to the whole order.


To use the single item option you will need to select a single item from the order on the left hand side.


Once you have selected entire order or just selected item you now have four options to continue.

The first is Void it will red out the item or orders and set the prices at $0.00 for what was selected.


The second is Comp. Comp is close to the same thing as void but it is used when the order is made and still going out.


Percent off will allow the price to be adjusted at a percentage for either the selected item or the entire order.


The final option is Edit price can be used to charge an exact price for and item or the entire order.


Once you have selected your options click OK in the bottom right to apply your price adjustments.


For Voids and Comps there are extra steps.

First you will be asked if the item has been prepared you will need to select yes or no so that the system will know for inventory waste reasons.


Finally you will be asked to enter reason for the adjustment for reporting purposed. You will enter the reason then press the green OK button in the top right.manager_functions_11.png




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