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Some order types on the POS may require customer information to be entered onto the order before the order can be completed , sent , or collected on. This is how you enter customer information.


First we will go to MGMT then click on Customer.


In the Customer section you may use it to search already entered customers or at the bottom right select new to start the process of entering a new customer.


This will take you to a empty customer info screen. This is where the new customer info can be entered.


Anything that has a red box means that it has to have information in it to save and be valid to the system

Once the customer info is entered you may click save or exit and it will bring a popup prompting to save.


Once this information is saved the new customer can be used for an order, can now be placed in a rewards program or a account with a line of credit, and can now be searched for in general.




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