There are two ways to do a manual entry of a credit card. The steps are the same with both the TriPOS software and the new Datacap software.


The first and the most common method of manual entry is used for over the phone delivery orders. This method will automatically display the manual entry on the credit card reader. It requires a few steps to get set up:

a.      Go to Config System in the POS


b.      Go to order types and stages then click on the delivery order type. From there select the “Display Dlvy Payment Method”


c.       Once this is selected go to orders and place a delivery order and the payments should appear select credit card and the reader will start the manual entry process

d.      For the manual entry you are required to entry in the account number of the card

e.      The CVV and the Zip code are optional settings in the POS

i.      To enable the CVV go to config computer then Revention Credit Server. Check the Use CVV Number and Require CVV

ii.      Same Process for the zip code


The second method of manual entry is much quicker. All that is required is to select credit as a payment type then hit the cancel button on the reader. Once that is done there is a manual entry button on the POS screen hit that then authorize. This method of manual entry is most common with Datacap processors.




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