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Forcing Credit Cards is a method to be able to accept Credit Cards when the internet has failed and without verifying availability of the funds against the credit card processor at the time of the transaction.


Forcing a credit card is not an act to be taken lightly, and we suggest speaking with your credit card processor to understand the risks.


  • HungerRush does not suggest forcing credit card transactions
  • HungerRush is not able to provide troubleshooting support or reimbursement for failed transactions due to forcing credit cards
  • Forcing credit cards does not include pre-authorization of credit card transactions. They will only be authorized when batched, which means it is possible to see declined transactions at the time of batching


Initial Configuration

For a store using Tripos, go to Config>System>Install Settings 

Make sure use Tripos is selected and click the ellipsis next to it.  



The ellipsis options are as follows:  

  • The Auto Force toggle will change whether or not Revention prompts to force a card or automatically force cards. (Dot will be Red if On) 
  • Input the test site that Revention will try to reach if it detects a loss of connection.  
  • The amount of time that Revention will try for a connection before rolling over to force mode. 





The employees need to have a security enabled to have permission to force cards without manager approval. You can add this security per labor type or per employee.   


To enable per employee, go to Mgmt>Employee>Select Employee>Securites>Orders>Force Credit Cards>Add Access>Save. Green means it is enabled.    


To add it to the whole labor group go to Config>Security>Choose Labor Group>Orders>Force Credit Cards>Add>Save.  


This is all the configuration that is needed. This only needs to occur one time, and not every time the internet goes down.



Forcing the Credit Card Transaction

Once you try to collect payment with no internet you will get a declined error on screen as the system is unable to communicate with the credit card server.

After that error you will need to hit the force button then enter any 4-digit number for the approval code and click Authorize.

These transactions will be stored, and will need to be manually batched from each station in order to send the transactions to WorldPay.








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