Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management July 12, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Changing print categories for an Order KDS does not push to the local database
  •  The Order Button Layout screen allows you to remove the exit button from the layout and save it
  •  ‘Use Table Lookup’ in ‘Labor Type’ settings doesn't reference anything in the HR360 POS
  •  The ‘Caller ID Log’ report needs headers on all pages
  •  When creating/editing inventory items, only abbreviated units show and not the actual unit of measurement
  •  When updating ‘PO Item Qty’, the Conversion Step isn't necessary
  •  When you ‘Post/Post All’ on a Purchase Order, the Receive values do not automatically get updated
  •  The ‘Account Category’ section of the Daily Performance Report doesn't fully populate
  •  The ‘Delivery Out-The-Door Time’ report currently can only be run for one day
  •  Unable to adjust or add ‘Labor Types’ in Restaurant Management
  •  The ‘Sales By Order Type’ report columns do not match the sequence that they appear in the Legacy report
  •  The ‘Sales By Order Type’ report in Report Packages is the old version that is missing the newly added columns
  •  The system does not stop you from using more than seven styles or sizes – but it should, because only seven different configurations are possible
  •  When performing a ‘Driver/Server Cashout’, it should display drawer selection if NONE is defined as default
  •  Cashout receipt will still show credit cards, even when it’s configured not to show
  •  When balancing an employee drawer that has an account payment, and using ‘Exact on Cash’, the account payment is added to cash exact
  •  When ‘most expensive half’ is enabled, split items retain their original price - and when a split is canceled, the original price multiplies
  •  A driver on break can be added to the dispatch screen, which causes a duplicate driver to appear
  •  When a credit card transaction is forced, it should always display a “No internet connectivity. Force enabled.” message after every transaction
  •  Orders placed using ‘Apply to Order’ are incorrectly and Automatically Paid
  •  Max Cash Alert was not working
  •  Orders don't close out when they are paid with CCs and a tip is added through the customer display screen
  •  ‘Cash Drop Only’ setting inside of Restaurant Management doesn't prevent Credit Cards from being calculated into drop totals
  •  The Error Handling message needs to be corrected for removing payment on an order that has been dispatched
  •  ‘Excluded Payments’ by Delivery Order types only applies if the order is collected and not when the order is sent
  •  Unable to void an item from an order, when the order has been paid in full by Credit
  •  Timeclock entries are showing as ‘edited’ in the Payroll Detail report
  •  While creating customers, the database ‘Created’ and ‘LastChanged’ column values are null



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