Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management December 6, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.


The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  An error is displayed on the Favorite screen, after saving the Accounting Export and Loyalty Export
  •  Removing a preference on an item that has multiple preferences is setting 'HasPrefs' to False
  •  Having the same Button Names for Groups was causing problems
  •  Added a "Total Line" for the Labor section of Multi Store Daily Performance Report
  •  Made UI improvements to the Customer Config options
  •  Added Store Selection to Customer Count
  • Added 3rd Party Delivery Totals to the In-House Delivery report
  •  The Monthly Sales Report was missing from Reports
  •  The In-House Deliveries report had inaccuracies when run for multiple days
  •  Corrected Labor Cost % calculation on Daily Performance Report
  •  Display error for fulltime employee

The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  Required Modifiers was not working as intended after auto log off
  •  When a user logs off or gets timed-out when they log back in, it should return to the screen they were in previously
  • We modified the Dispatch Ticket to print after the Delivery Reminder message is confirmed on the screen (user presses OK)



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