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Restaurant Management September 27, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Failed reversals in the POS cause an overage in DPR, due to the Ordpayment line not being removed
  •  The 'Is Available Online' Group setting was not applying to all areas inside of the group
  •  When trying to access menu pricing feature, the message 'Error occurred while processing request' appeared
  •  Editing an existing customer caused an error message
  •  The ‘Sales by Order Type’ report should display all Order Types, even if one doesn’t have sales for a specific day
  •  The ‘Sales by Order Type’ report needs to have the Order Types sorted alphabetically, instead of by OrdTypeKey
  •  Coupons allowed you to enable time settings and save the coupon, even if no time settings had been entered
  •  In the Timeclock, ‘in time’ and ‘out time’ should auto-populate to the business date targeted

The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  Linked Preferences did not work properly with required mods – either online or in the POS
  •  ‘Edit Gift Card Price’ was requiring approval, regardless of whether the security to allow it was enabled
  •  Slow performance when loading ‘order lookup’ with large amounts of orders (memory leak issues)
  •  Access to Exclusive Cash Drawer" Security was not working
  •  ‘Order Lookup’ causes app to crash when the station is using a default area code and phone lookup
  •  ‘Oops Error’ when trying to save edited customer information from the Order screen
  •  ‘Allow Payment Approval’ was not working
  •  Tax Exempt Customers were getting charged tax , if their customer information had been altered
  •  Account payments on deposits were being cached, causing reporting problems
  •  Account payments reverted to $0 after exiting the Deposits screen and reentering to edit the deposit
  •  Cash - View Orders was not showing the Delivery Fee

Online Ordering Bug Fixes:

  •  If a customer completed an order with GoCart payment from Expedited Guest Checkout, their payment was failing if their billing information didn’t include the optional Phone Number.
  •  The HungerRush 360 Marketing Opt-In checkbox was incorrectly not allowing the user to click and select marketing at checkout.
  •  The Online Ordering Admin Portal order log was showing orders on incorrect days. The time zone in the order log now accurately depicts the time zone set in store configuration.

Online Ordering Enhancements:

  • Throttling for Online Ordering allows merchants the ability to control the number of orders accepted at any time from online ordering (website only). Throttling can be configured at both the System and Store level in the Admin Portal. Throttling will be set to allow only the ‘max order count’ per 15-minute time slots across open store hours.

    Push Notifications

Push notification message creation now allows for the ability to upload a comma separated values (CSV) worksheet. Previously, when a merchant wanted to create a targeted push notification, they would have to select a specific user and the text entry field only allowed for a single unique value. Segmentation is now easier for push notifications with bulk upload capabilities. StoreID is a new way that merchants can target specific users for push notifications. If you deliver a message to a specific StoreID, it will send the message to all users whose last order was placed at the location belonging to that StoreID.
Your StoreID can be found in the URL for your online ordering site (once a location is selected).
For example, if your restaurant name was Pam’s Pizza, the URL might look like this: - and in this example, the StoreID is 123.


Push Notification Message Creation popup in Admin Portal
Push notifications can only be delivered via our mobile app for iOS and Android. Please contact sales if you do not currently have a mobile app.




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