Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management November 29, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Coupon value field is not disabled for 'Ord - Per Off' coupon type
  •  On the ‘Delivery Out-The-Door Time’ report, the value for ‘OTDAvg’ is not calculating correctly
  •  Report groups should be collapsible
  •  The ‘Sale By Order Type’ export for .xls files has the headers in the wrong columns
  •  The ‘ComputerOrdTypeXRef’ SQL table is not syncing down to POS
  •  When updating a menu online, the Delivery Fee label does not get updated with the menu
  •  Added a new Field Validation code to the Discount Coupons report
  •  Auto Clock Out records should show in the ‘Timeclock Edit Audit’ report even if no employees have timeclock edits for that day
  •  UI improvements to the Customer Config options
  •  The ‘Monthly Sales Report’ was missing from Reports
  •  No error handling for identical PLU numbers entered
  •  Unit Conversion needs to be included in the Configuration section of Inventory

 Changed the data source for the following reports to pull from transactional data: ‘Online vs Store Orders’, ‘Order Count by Order Type by Quarters’, ‘Sales by Time’

Restaurant Management Enhancements:

  •  Loyalty “Surprise & Delight” Reward Features
    We have added a new option for applying bulk unearned rewards for the purpose of special event promotions - like around holidays, or even National Pickle Day. This option allows a company admin to go into Restaurant Management and create a reward for ‘Dollar Off’ or ‘Percent Off’ rewards that can be issued out to any participating stores/locations. These rewards are given freely and are not dependent on points balance or order amount.

    Notes on “Surprise & Delight”
  •  A merchant cannot run concurrent campaigns for the same store or same loyalty customer. No customer will be allowed to have more than one of these rewards in their bank at a time. It is a requirement to set an expiration date, after which a new unearned reward promotion can then be made for that store and its customers again.
  •  It may take up to 24 hours to generate all rewards, so merchants should plan accordingly for any outbound communication to their customers.
  •  Existing loyalty reporting can be done before and after to track any promotions under our normal reports section of Restaurant Management.
  •  These rewards are issued on a store-by-store basis, to all Loyalty customers. Manual rewards still exist for customer level implementations.

The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  Delivery fee line is overlapping on tax line on the customer receipts
  •  Preselected Modifiers are not displaying on KDS when an item having the same modifier is ordered on that ticket
  •  Apostrophes that sync down from Online Ordering do not have the same format as apostrophes in HR360 which causes in-store order issues
  •  UI improvements to the dashboard button under Tools





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