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Restaurant Management November 8, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Creating a new store with the company template will not copy any tables to the new store
  •  Freeze header row on menu screens (Sizes, Styles, Item, modifier, preference, production items)
  •  Salaried employee Labor not displaying in Daily Performance Report
  •  Setting Out-of-Store Rate causes In-store rate to not calculate in Daily Performance Report
  •  Error in changing Week Start Date
  •  You are able to create a Time Price without saving a start time / end time and effective days, which causes publishing errors
  •  Need to re-pull the Sales / Sales By Ord Type / Sales By Time summary tables when Deposit Table gets synced
  •  Reports from Report Packages are not showing the Correct Company Logo
  • Data accuracy fixes for Account Statements, Labor Cost %, and the Customer Birthdays loyalty report

The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  Defer new order (when targeting another deferred order) is opening the deferred order instead
  •  Fee on CC Tips Is calculating Total Cash twice and rounding down on certain percentages when driver cashes out to drawer
  •  Print Previous Item is overriding ‘No Voids to Kitchen’ setting
  •  Retrieving customers through the loyalty search causes the system to crash
  •  Send/collect on an order with only a gamecard on it is bypassing required customer information field
  •  Slow Performance – for navigating from Main Screen to Orders Button and for CallerID – has now been corrected / enhanced
  •  Switching between Deferred Orders that have ‘Ord Notes’ crashes the app
  •  Issue with deferred orders duplicating, causing other deferred orders to not show
  •  Mapping orders showing inconsistent results
  •  Menu Control is prompting to save changes even when none are made
  •  ‘Menu86’ primary keys are incorrectly deleting and reinserting all records when updating Out of Stock

  •  Merchant and Guest Copies don't automatically reprint when new items are added to an Order Paid in Full by Credit Card
  •  Out of Stock is not working as intended causing items to be incorrectly adjusted
  •  Rounding on Edit Price is inconsistent
  •  Adjustment Reason Screen should be targeted automatically
  •  When inputting a customer complaint, the field should automatically be targeted for data entry
  •  Keyboard should be able to input values in Manager Functions screen and the field for inputting the adjustments should be targeted when entered
  •  We increased the column width (to 15 characters, from 10) for ‘StyleKtchName’ in KDOrdItem
  •  We added a method of manually entering a CC payment on a customer account balance





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