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Restaurant Management October 11, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  A Delivery Driver report was showing negative hours
  •  Driver Performance report displays error when run for one week
  •  When adjusting the labor rate, setting the effective date will not change the rate previously set in timeclock
  •  Issues with saving the same online description simultaneously in Preferences
  •  Multi Item - Adj Item needs to have required items hidden
  •  Employee is showing a $0 payrate in payroll reporting despite having a rate set
  •  Sales by Order Type report should display all Order Types, even if one doesn’t have sales for a
  • specific day
  •  ‘Do Not Deliver' settings added in zone configs
  •  Unable to set Additional Delivery Comp / Additional Delivery Fee
  •  Configuring Non 3rd Party order types is requiring you to configure Hours
  •  When adjusting pay rate, the ChangeBy field is not being recorded with the name of the person making the change

    Restaurant Management Enhancements:
  •  When a HungerRush 360 Marketing license is activated, 365 days of historical orders will send to FullRail.  This is up from 90 days originally.
  •  The new Copy Menu feature allows an entire menu to be copied from one store in a company, to another store in that same company. The navigation is: Manage > Menu > Add Menu
  •  A new report (In-House Delivery) has been added, to distinguish in-house deliveries from deliveries made by a 3rd party provider

    The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:
  •  The Minimum Price / Qualifying Total setting was restricting multi-item coupon from working
  •  When Multi-Line-Items are enabled in the database, Kitchen Tickets aren't showing correctly
  •  Delivery Return Time shows inaccurately whenever an additional order is added to an On-Road Driver
  •  For Datacap stores, Default Payment Type credit card causes a ‘COM Port 9 Access Error’ upon Collect
  •  Revised / New items added to an online order do not print
  •  CC Fee on Tip is applying to 'Other' payment type
  •  Removed payments are not getting recorded in the AuditLog table
  •  When selecting items on the order screen, the focus never turns to the modifiers
  •  Menu Mode is not properly displaying removed preselected modifiers on orders
  •  When Delivery order types are changed to Pick Up, the payment is showing under the wrong cash drawer
  •  Delivery Order Type is able to be changed to a Non-Delivery Order Type without removing Dispatch – which causes Cash Drawer issues
  •  Opening a station drawer and then clocking in as a driver, will prevent you from clocking out as driver unless the station drawer is closed
  •  Time/Due values on Dispatch screen are not accurate for Web Delivery order types
  •  Amusement Connect - Sending a game card with an added balance does not work
  •  Implement VOID transactions for Amusement Connect game card

    Online Ordering Bug Fixes:
  •  The ‘Continue As Guest' button has been removed from the screen for Delivery order types.
  •  A previous PCI rule filtered unnecessary characters from accessing a HungerRush domain, but could cause a purchase to time out and display a 500 error. An adjustment has been made to accommodate merchants using long URL strings, such as those found in Google marketing campaigns.
  •  Dynamic coupons were not honoring the “Is Exclusive” rule setting, which allowed the dynamic coupons to be combined with other offers.
  •  Estimated order time is no longer being displayed if the user selects an advance order for a future time.
  •  The Business ID values are now displayed in the admin portal stores table. Business ID values are important for merchants who need to target push notifications by store or reference the unique value from their menu URL for a branded store locator or website. Example:

    Online Ordering Enhancement:
  •  A merchant now has the ability to specify whether multiple items are required to display the suggested sell. A new ‘All’ condition has been added to the suggested sell feature. Existing suggested sells will still be ‘Any’ logic that will display a suggested sell item if any of the qualifying items are in the cart. For example, in the graphics below, the user needs a pizza and pasta in their cart to see the drink suggested sell.



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