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Restaurant Management October 18, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Add New Timeclock record shouldn't show until store and employee fields have data
  •  Preference Members needs option to 'Save and add another'
  •  Deleting time clock entry should have a confirmation before deleting
  •  When moving the top item on Online Print Sequence once, it doesn't trigger Save Changes
  •  Data mismatch on Emp Gift Card Sales and Daily Performance Report
  •  UI/UX for CC Fee on Tip setting needs to be adjusted
  •  Rapidly clicking save when adding a timeclock entry will duplicate the record
  •  "Can Deliver" checkbox not updating immediately upon saving the changes in Zones
  •  Unable to set a coupon value on new coupons
  •  Daily Performance Report getting errors when being run
  •  When editing Quantity for Sizes for Inventory Item Recipes, if you edit a Size on the right-hand side of the grid, the Size disappears in the GUI
  •  Modify the void API to accept ‘clientTransID’ for voiding transactions
  •  Update StyleKitchenName field length to 15 characters in OrdItem table in database
  •  Increase AuthCode field to 20 characters in OrdGC table to sync with POS OrdGC table


The following POS issues were addressed in this release POS Bug Fixes:

  •  List each Tax Type configuration doesn't function on latest version
  •  Print Previous Items causes kitchen prints to become confusing
  •  KitchenPrinterFormat has no line separating Order Type
  •  Need a new method to assign the Restaurant Management URL within the app
  •  DPR for Discover cards show as DISC and Discover separately instead of together
  •  Delivery reminder on mods is not working
  •  Additional comp value added to employee is changing comp on all orders retroactively
  •  Selected orders do not get highlighted on the Customer History section of the Customer screen
  •  Selected orders do not get highlighted on the Order Viewer section of the Customer screen
  •  There are extra decimal places on the Order Amt area of the Order Viewer section of the Customer screen
  •  CC Fee on Tips on Balance Drawer not showing on Initial Balance of Driver Drawer
  •  Sorting by Order is not working correctly in the Order Lookup screen
  •  When selecting between Payment Status and Sorting in the Order Lookup screen, you can cause orders to visually duplicate where other orders should be
  •  Apply to Order does not trigger auto-apply coupons
  •  Having a group with some items using mods and other items excluding all mods is causing an ordering issue
  •  When changing a Delivery Order from Cash to CC Payment, Display Delivery Payment Method is not prompting
  •  Drawer drops ‘do not default’ to the primary open drawer of the station
  •  Orders on the Order Viewer section of the Customer screen do not display Manager Function edits made



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