Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management November 15, 2022
This document only contains release notes for Restaurant Management enhancements.

The following Restaurant Management enhancements were introduced with this release

  • Copy Menu Group from one store to another store
    Navigation: Manage > Menu > Group > Add Group

  • Three additional Predefined Marketing Queries
    New Customers, All Customers, and Re-Engagement Customers (aka Lazy Customers)

  •  Brand Offer Coupons
    A Brand offer coupon is a multistore coupon that has its own unique set of securities. An example would be the marketing team will setup a coupon for several stores, but would like certain owners/franchisees to be able to make changes to aspects of the offer based on their region.
    Company Admins will have access to enabling “Brand offer” on a coupon. By enabling this feature, it will automatically select all the stores in the company. Stores can be de-selected if desired.
    The Brand offer security section will have the same security options as a regular coupon Users can then be assigned specific access to parts of a Brand offer coupon that they are allowed to edit, such as Price, date/time, etc. If the user does not have the required access, those options will be un-editable.

  •  Ability for Driver Track to display orders that have not yet been dispatched
    (still in kitchen) We have added an additional tracker icon and pins for orders that have come into the system but have not yet been dispatched out to a driver.



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