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Restaurant Management July 19, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  Live timeclock data does not take into account the time zone
  •  Account category of 0 is not showing on the Daily Performance Report
  •  Adjustment Detail needs to use the same naming scheme for items as the Order Detail report does
  •  The report ‘Audit => Order Removed Items’ was missing columns
  •  Excluded Payment Types by Station was added to HR 360 (to match with Legacy Revention)
  •  Missing the ability to swipe Employee Login cards when setting up employees in Restaurant Management
  •  Sales By Order Type security is not working for Company Admin or Super Admin users
  •  Updated max character limit for the password to 10 when creating a new employee

  •  Updated Zones Max Character limit from 10 to 25, to match Restaurant Management
  •  Adding tips does not increase cash drawer totals unless the drawer is refreshed
  •  Delivery orders can be removed from dispatch even when the driver is balanced and closed
  •  Loading Menu Mode in the App results in a crash
  •  Logoff from Menu Screen does not change the Current User
  •  Name on Splits aren't visible
  •  Online Drawer Prompt doesn't appear correctly
  •  Out of Stock and Item Countdown items are not visually available
  •  Unable to comp, edit amount, or use percent off single items when order is paid in full by credit card
  •  Unable to Request DoorDash Driver for Multiple Orders
  •  Unable to view employee cashout unless you clock in and reopen the app
  •  User activity in Restaurant Management kicked off from the POS does not prevent station timeout
  •  The "Pay Order" button does not update the screen properly, which can lead to overwriting an existing payment
  •  When deferring a delivery for a future date, and instead activating it for today, the order does not show in the driver drawer for cc tip input
  •  When entering an incorrect number through the keyboard on the login screen, the screen will get darker with each wrong entry

The following Online Ordering issues were addressed in this release Online Ordering Bug Fixes:

  •  Modifier price displaying incorrectly – Some items opened for customization were incorrectly displaying the modifier price prior to a size selection. This bug also occurs if the user selects a size, exits and re-opens the customization screen.
  •  Marketing opt-in rule change – When a merchant has HR360 Marketing opt-in available, the previous display rules and behavior were incorrect.
    o Guest at checkout will always see the opt-in checkbox to enroll in HR360 Marketing.
    o Registered users at checkout will always see the opt-in checkbox to enroll in HR360 Marketing unless they have unsubscribed from a previous HR360 Marketing campaign.
  •  State field selector – Online Ordering sites had issues with the UI in selecting a state from the drop-down selector for the store locator and in profile sign up on Default and Vertical layouts. This state selector is now easier to click and update after CSS update. Merchants can request an update to their site CSS if they are experiencing this issue. Merchants should also consider upgrading to Designer sites for UI enhancements.


Mobile App:
Apple privacy (account deletion request) – On 6/30/22 Apple required all apps to offer a process for account deletion requests. This feature will allow a customer to request their account to be deleted from within their profile.
This feature will only be available for Apple iOS apps. Google Play store does not require this process.
1. Customer submits a request to delete account after confirming their account information.
2. App displays a message alerting the customer the request has been received and will take up to 90 days to complete.
3. The customer is then logged out of the app.
4. HungerRush team process the request to delete the customer information.
5. HungerRush will inform the merchant of the application that the request of the customer has been completed and that the merchant is responsible for contacting the customer.

This specific form and process is not required as part of Apple’s CCPA policy or HungerRush’s CCPA policy. HungerRush will honor the request as if it was an official CCPA customer account deletion request and process it as such.




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