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Restaurant Management June 14, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then for Online Ordering

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

New feature – Add Restaurant Management Users from Employees list
New Restaurant Management users can now be quickly and easily added from existing Employees.
To add a Restaurant Management user, select ‘Add User’. When Add User is selected, the available Roles (including custom roles) at the company will be available to select.

Navigation: People>Employees>Add/Edit

New feature – Multi-Store Coupons
Multi-Store Coupons allows brands to more efficiently and easily manage coupons for some or all stores. Currently,
coupons have to be added at each store individually, even if it is the same coupon. A Multi-Store coupon is defined as: more than 1 store is selected in the Stores tab. This new functionality serves the following scenarios:
Scenario 1:

  •  I have 20 stores.
    o 5 are in Texas, 5 are in Florida, 10 are in New York.
  •  We have a national campaign that for 2 medium pizzas for $20 that will be effective for all stores
  •  I add the coupon ONCE, and assign it to all 20 stores
  •  A few months later, I made an edit to the coupon, and it edits it at all 20 stores
    Scenario 2:
  •  I have 20 stores.
    o 5 are in Texas, 5 are in Florida, 10 are in New York.
  •  We have a coupon that is only effective for the Texas and New York stores
  •  I add the coupon ONCE, and assign it to the 15 Texas and New York stores
  •  A few months later, I made an edit to the coupon, and it edits it at the 15 Texas and New York stores
    Scenario 3:
  •  I have 20 stores.
    o 5 are in Texas, 5 are in Florida, 10 are in New York.
  •  We have a coupon that is only effective for the Texas stores
  •  I add the coupon ONCE, and assign it to the 5 Texas
  •  A few months later, we determine that the coupon will be handled differently for 2 of the Texas stores
  •  In the Stores tab, we turn off/de-select the 2 Texas stores, which unlinks them from the Multi-Store coupon
  •  Any edits to the coupon, now no longer affect those 2 Texas stores
    The Coupon Management base screen grid has been updated with a Multi-Store column, to easily identify coupons that
    are linked to more than one store.
    A ‘Show Multi-Store Coupons’ checkbox further allows the user to determine if they want to coupons only attached to
    that store, or if they also want to see Multi-Store coupons on the list.
    The ‘Assign to Stores’ button allows multiple coupons to be selected (using the checkbox on the left), then assigned to
    multiple stores. The process:
    - Select the relevant coupons using the checkbox
    - Select the ‘Assign to Stores’ button
    - Select the Stores all of the selected coupons should be assigned to
    Essentially, this is a function to mass convert lots of single store coupons to Multi-Store coupons at one time
    A Stores tab has been, where the user can assign the coupon to stores. Or remove a store from the Multi-Store coupon.
    Multi-Store coupon logic:
  •  I add a coupon for Store 2
  •  In the Stores tab, I share the coupon with Stores 1, 3, and 4
  •  The Coupon will then show in Coupon Management grid for each of those stores
  •  If I access the coupon (no matter which store I access it from), it will update the coupon at all of the stores
  •  If I only want to make changes to Store 3, I need to turn ‘off’ Store 3 in the Stores tab, so the coupon is no longer shared with Store 3


When users adjust coupons, it should be obvious to them that a coupon is Multi-Store, and that editing the coupon willedit it for multiple stores. For this reason, we have added a Multi-Store indicator. We will accomplish this by having adynamic screen title.If the coupon is Multi-Store, then the header will read: Edit Coupon: Multi-Store
*single stores will be defined by the lack of indicator
This means there are now 3 possible headers:
1) New Coupon
2) Edit Coupon
3) Edit Coupon: Multi-Store
*Although the examples below only show the General tab, the naming convention persists across tabs

Two new security items have been added:
1) Brand Offer
2) Multiple Stores


Brand Offer
Brand Offer solves the following scenario:
HungerRush Café has a national campaign for 2 Pizzas for $20. Since this offer is for the entire brand, the coupon is added and maintained by corporate, meaning that even franchisees should not have access to edit the coupon. n this situation, this coupon should be marked Brand Offer=Yes in the General tab. If selected, users without Brand Offer access can view the coupon, but cannot edit it.
Brand Offer defaults to off/no access for all users.


If Multi Store access is given, then the user can access the Stores tab, and assign the coupon to additional stores/make it a Multi-Store coupon. Without Multi-Store access, the Multi-Store function cannot be used. Multi-Store defaults to off/no access for all users.
Navigation: Manage>Coupons


New Feature – UI to Request Deletion of PII Data, as required by CCPA
The California Consumer Protection Act requires restaurants doing more than $25M of business in California to provide a mechanism to delete consumer data, when requested.
We have added a form for merchants to submit these requests on behalf of their customers (end users).
Navigation: Manage > System > (Select Store) > Customer Maint > Customers > CCPA Delete Request

  •  During the New Store creation process, when a Template Store is selected you should not be able to select Existing HungerRush POS Customer
  •  Cannot Add Menu Item with "None" Tax Type
  •  If ‘Open Value’ is set to a coupon, then Coupon Value should not allow a value to be entered
  •  Once an employee had been added into the system, there is no way to adjust their default labor type
  •  Order Detail should show the CardType Field (if applicable), instead of the PaymentTypeCategory
  •  DNS not working under RUpdate Outgoing IP Address
  •  Report packages should display the package name as the subject line
  •  Editing timeclock record displays an hour off until you select refresh
  •  When you create a cash drawer, created DateTime field has to be set to the date created
  •  Deleting all cashdrawers on a station causes issues with Cashdrawer configurations

    The following POS issues were addressed in this release
  •  Disabling Split Payments in Restaurant Management does not disable the feature in the POS
  •  Setting Max $ Before Drop does not trigger a warning when dispatching an order to a driver that surpasses that limit
  •  Max Orders Per Run is not working
  •  Express gift card integration does not work with Datacap middleware
  •  Dispatch is not validating securities when dispatching orders to other drivers and self
  •  When requesting a Door Dash driver, you should get a confirmation prompt
  •  Coupons with max mod value are not being handled correctly
  •  Address not showing when coming from callerID
  •  Looking up a customer with a unique area code by phone number will cause the app to hang up and freeze
  •  Move “Use Last Order” popup in order to see ticket price
  •  Address Not Showing for deliveries in Ord Lookup
  •  Print ticket on auth button click instead of tender button click - when credit card reader is configured to not reset after approval
  •  When adjusting drawer tips at closing, using the "Order Number" selector does not flow properly from one ticket to the next
  •  Last 4 digits of credit card are not visible in Credit Card Manager

    The following Online Ordering issues were addressed in this release

Bug Fix-Default Tip Incorrect Total
Fixed a bug where the default tip percentage configured from the admin portal was calculating incorrectly at checkout. This has been resolved and merchants can re-enable the default tip percentage selection for system and store.

Split Payments will not use Default Tip
Tip percentage calculated from the order total was a confusing experience for customers who were checking out with split payments (Scenario 1). We have disabled the default tip percentage from being applied to split payment orders. Customers will individually have to select the percentage or amount they would like to pay for each payment method.
“Tip percentage is calculated from order total and not split payment amount,” text has been added for clarification.
Scenario 1:

  •  Order Total = $20
  •  Customer Payment Method 1 (Credit Card Alpha), tip 20% = $4
  •  Customer Payment Method 2 (Credit Card Beta), tip 20% = $4
  •  New Order Total = $28, tip percentage of 40%

Bug Fix-Dual MID Removal from Online Ordering
The Dual Merchant ID (MID) feature was previously deprecated from HungerRush’s product offering. However, some functionality remained available through a specific user action in admin portal. A merchant who updated their Express MID from within admin portal would unknowingly create a dual MID environment instead of overwriting the original value. This new configuration would show as a station 9999 and cause issues with store batching. The bug fix now will replace and overwrite the existing MID value.
Admin portal configuration for Express MID

Bug Fix-Payment Processing issue with 'Checkout Popup Header' for Apple Pay - Website
An admin configuration of ‘Checkout Popup Header’ was conflicting with the ability for Apple Pay to complete payment processing on website. This admin configuration is recommended to remain disabled until the mobile app work item can be completed at a later date.

Bug Fix-Force Credit Card - Website
Previously online ordering websites would not enforce the ‘Force CC’ admin configuration at the system or store level. When enabled customers will be required to use Credit Card (including Mobile Wallet), Gift Card, Level Up for order payment only if order total threshold is met. (Pending ADO: 94419 for Apps)

Mobile App:

Tips from Stores Admin Configuration
Previously, mobile apps were only displaying tips at checkout if the merchant had configured tips on payment types at the system level only. This has been corrected and now the store configuration in admin will also display tips within the mobile app.
Admin configuration at store level for tips

Corrupted Push Notifications Key for iOS Apps
Select clients reporting issues with their Apple iOS apps not delivering push notifications may have a corrupted push notification key. Submitting an intake request for this issue to support and our App Developer team should resolve the issue. The app will need to be republished as part of this process.





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