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Restaurant Management August 9, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering.

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release Restaurant Management bug fixes:

  •  One-click registration (for existing customers) was not pushing Customer and Employee data to Restaurant Management
  •  One-click registration (for existing customers) was not pulling the data for the store configurations
  •  When viewing reports, a duplicate printer icon was showing
  •  When using Printer Ticket Configuration, the 'New Customer' option on the 'Tkt Body' tab did not appear correctly so that it could be selected
  •  The ‘Payroll Detail’ doesn’t have a drop-down list to run the report for a single employee
  •  Kitchen Print Category needs to have a limit set for the character field
  •  Inventory Counts should have a Default Value of '0' instead of a blank text box – to allow Saving Counts without having to input a value
  •  The ‘Weekly Summary’ report was miscalculating Labor Hours and Labor Cost

  •  Unable to view the full text when using 'Name on splits'
  •  Preselects do not print when ‘Print Preselected Modifiers’ is enabled on kitchen printer
  •  The ‘Send Map to Driver’ button in the Dispatch screen does not send text
  •  On the ‘Customer Account’ page, ‘Available Credit’ was misspelled
  •  Activating a Deferred Order early and sending it to Door Dash was not working as desired
  •  Setting the default ‘Loyalty Search Criteria’ did not work properly
  •  Expo Prints now print the same way in HungerRush 360 as they did in the legacy Revention system
  •  Deferred Pickup Orders for future dates, and web Pickup Orders paid with a credit card, were not receiving the correct cash drawer key
  •  Orders that get adjusted to a $0.00 price will not print upon initial send
  •  Preference Members set to be ‘big buttons’ do not register a second page if there are more than 10 of them
  •  When using ‘Create the DoorDash Driver Drawer’, the action now happens when the driver is loaded, instead of upon first dispatch
  •  When using the ‘Pay Order’ button from Detail Mode, you can't pay using an account
  •  An item was still allowed to be ordered even if the ‘Item Countdown’ was zero
  •  When redeeming a reward pizza in the store (as opposed to online or via the mobile app), it was possible for the reward to be applied multiple times


The following Online Ordering issues were addressed in this release Online Ordering Bug Fixes:

  •  The ‘Submit Order’ button within the Checkout Pop-up was allowing multiple clicks, which could result in multiple orders being placed. This only happened if the optional ‘Checkout Pop-out’ functionality was enabled, not for the regular ordering workflow. Admin system level configuration 
  •  If the store was configured for partial holiday hours, customer was able to select a pickup / delivery time that was in the past

Online Ordering Enhancements:

Updated Checkout Terms & Conditions Behavior
A new configuration has been added in which a merchant can set the default behavior for their Terms & Conditions optin/opt-out required at checkout.

GoCart Checkout:

GoCart Checkout has been officially released and enabled for all merchants (unless they opted out).

Improved performance of Apple Push Notifications:

Push notifications sent to iOS Apple customers will now be delivered faster, due to additional servers processing the push notification jobs. For example, if a merchant attempts to send a push notification to 100,000 iOS users, five different servers will deliver 20,000 each. This will be reflected with five entries in the push notification log for iOS.




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