Product Release Notes

May 24, 2022 Restaurant Management
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS, then Online Ordering

The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

  •  Use fingerprint option is not selectable
  •  Adjustment Detail Report missing the X identifier for “being made”
  •  Adjustment Detail Report breaks out "Void Order" section by order instead of just a single line
  •  Pre-existing Social Security Numbers do not format correctly when synced
  •  Weekly Schedule Report not showing hours scheduled
  •  When syncing a store's database, the system allows Styles of more than 10 characters, which
    conflicts with the POS rules
  •  Stations > Get OTP currently forces logoff from Restaurant Management
  •  Sales by Tax by Type shows a strange "Tax Exempt Sales" value
  •  Order Detail shows a Single Item coupon dollar amount when the amount was already
    deducted from the item
  •  Standardize the fields used for Mod naming in Order Detail
  •  Standardize the fields used for NO Mod naming in Order Detail
  •  Standardize the fields used for naming Preferences on the Order Detail Report, and display
    Default Preferences on the report
  •  Default Labor Rate not working
    Product Release Notes
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  •  New cloud API to process emails from on prem services
  •  One client was getting an error when accessing menus
    HungerRush POS
    May 24, 2022
    The following POS issues were addressed in this release
  •  Default/Selected Pref Members are not highlighted
  •  When entering a gift card number, you should be able to use the physical keyboard
  •  When an employee has no compensation enabled, the driver should not accrue delivery
  •  Filter by driver on the dispatch screen not working
  •  When creating a customer associated with an apt/bus/hotel/school, system should default to
    the location field when selecting one of these options - and when you choose an
    apt/bus/hotel/school, it should populate the address info from the CustomerLoc table
  •  When viewing an order in dispatch it is not showing apt/suite/room #
  •  When retrieving a customer associated with a apt/bus/hotel/school it forces you to choose the
    location again
  •  For deliveries, ‘Del fee’ is not showing when viewing an order in dispatch
  •  Driver In/Driver Out not functioning
  •  Re-enabled dynamic codes in RevCloudSvc and modified POS
    Product Release Notes
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  •  Deferring an active order does not remove the active orders data from any table other than
    the ord table
  •  If you turn on or off managed delivery, it sets the deliveryopts table back to default values
  •  Issue with Door Dash driver orders picking up the cashdrawerkey
  •  Collecting on a future date order should always set CashDrawerKey=0 in ord payment



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