Product Release Notes

Restaurant Management June 7, 2022
This document contains release notes for Restaurant Management first, then for POS
The following Restaurant Management issues were addressed in this release

  •  Cash Drawer Details Report ignores TipsOnPayroll setting
  •  Adjustment Detail Report run for 7 days has a blank page for coupons
  •  Order Detail needs to have all Coupons in brackets to differentiate them from actual Mods
  •  Order Detail needs to hide "0.00" price for coupons, mods, no mods, and preferences
  •  Order Detail shows Coupon Name instead of Coupon Receipt Name (Multiple Items Coupon)
  •  Order Detail should show the CardType field (if applicable), instead of the
  •  Order Detail needs to have coupons, mods, no mods, and preferences indented under their
    respective items
  •  Order Detail doesn’t show line-item display names (but does show amount) for items with the
    same Receipt Name when listed next to each other
  •  Report packages should display the package name as the subject line
  •  When adding a new location in Customer Maintenance , the city and state are showing as case
    sensitive in the Location list
  •  A Multiple Item, Adjusted Item coupon will not allow you to input a value in the Coupon Value

  •  When ‘Reset after approval’ is off, it should leave you at the tip entry screen
  •  Express gift card integration does not work with Datacap middleware
  •  AutoFill for customer streets and locations not working
  •  Customer search is not defaulting to phone field
  •  Use last order option should display the last order when starting a new order
  •  Subtotal tax and total should always be visible as you are ringing up an order
  •  Unable to defer orders
  •  Tips input from CC Reader are subtracting from the order amount
  •  CDKey and PmtToDriver in ordpayment does not get updated if you pay for an order after the
    driver has dispatched the order to themselves
  •  When reprinting a customer ticket that originally printed as an expo ticket, some information is



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