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This section of the menu edit guide will go over the Items Tab in the menu editor.

To get to the menu you editor you click on Order.


Click on Edit menu.


Click Edit menu.


Right click on the group you want to work on and select edit group.


You will come to the Group Tab which is shown below.


Click on the Items tab.


We will start with Adding a new item.

a.       To add a new item, Type the name of the Item in the New Item box and hit add.


b.       This will push the item over to the Available Items box.


Below add a new item you see the current items box, these are the items that are currently on the menu in this category.


Next you have Available items, this will show all the items you have put into the menu based upon the filter set in the Menu category filter above.


a.       To move add an item to the menu from the Available items box you first click on the item to make sure it is highlighted.


b.       Once it is selected click on any blank spot in the box with all the squares.


 i.      If all the spaces are full you can click on the Up or Down arrow to move to a new page.


c.       Once you have clicked on a blank square you will now need to fill out a bit more information in the box on the right.

i.      Item Name- This is the name that will show up on the Reports and in the database.


ii.      Button Name- This is the name that will show up on your menu that can be clicked on to add the item to an order.


iii.      Receipt Name- This is the name that will show up on the customer’s receipt.


iv.      Kitchen Name- This is how the item will show up in the Kitchen on either the display or on the kitchen ticket.


v.      Menu Category-


vi.      Report Group- This is what the item will be classified as when looking at the reports.


vii.      Tax Type- This allows you to select the correct tax type by clicking on the drop down and selecting what the tax type should be.


viii.      Kitchen Print Category- This will tell you what category the item will fall under when it prints to the kitchen.


ix.      Show Modifiers- When this is checked it will automatically bring up the modifiers for the selected category for customers to select.


x.      Has Modifier Value- This will allow you to put in an amount that you want the customer to be able to spend on modifiers before they start getting charged. For example, if we order a 2 topping pizza and that is supposed to be $12.50 but normally each topping is you add to the pizza is $2 extra then you would put in $4 in the box that says mod value. This will allow me to get the 2-topping pizza for $12.50 instead of $16.50 like it normally would be.


xi.      Open Price- This takes away from you having to type in a price for each size. This will also make it so that when you click on the item to add it to the order you must enter a price.


xii.      Price- This is where you will enter the price of the item base upon size.


xiii.      Show Preselects-

xiv.      Image- This allows you to put an image in for the item which will be displayed on the items button itself.


xv.      Only- This will make it so that the image is the only thing that appears on the button.


xvi.      Dlvry Reminder- This is used for things that are commonly forgotten when doing a delivery order like the drinks. This will pop up a window reminding them to grab this item when they dispatch the order to a driver to be delivered.


  xvii.      No Discount- This will make it so that no discounts or coupons can be applied to this item.


  xviii.      Kitchen Only-


xix.      Sugg- This will allow you to enter a suggested item or Items to go with the item that is currently being ordered. *** Please note that in order to add a suggestion the item has to be saved into the menu first.***


1.When you click on this you will get a box that pops up.


2.Simply type in your suggested items and hit Save.


xx.      Desc- This will allow you to enter a description of the item. A new window will pop up. *** The Item must be saved in order to enter the Item description for an item.***


1.This screen will pop up when you click on the description button.


2.Type in the description of the item and hit save.


xxi.      Print Red-This will make it so that when the item prints to a printer that a red printer ribbon in it that it will print in red instead of black. This is usually done to make an item or change to an item stand out.


xxii.      Alphabetize- This will re-arrange all your buttons into alphabetical order.


xxiii.      Show time Pricing- This button will only be there if allow time pricing is set up in the menu Tab. Please see the time pricing guide for full set up.


xxiv.      Kitchen Print Sequence- This allows you to set where you want each item to print on the tickets that go to the kitchen.





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