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Modifiers in a menu are very import and there are a lot of different options that can used and setup to make sure everything is setup correct for your store.

Below will go into detail as to what each option does:

Before you start with modifiers you need to make sure you have the Group settings correct for the modifiers:

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Using this screenshot I will break down some sections of the group page

  • Allow required Modifiers – This button makes it so that you can select a specific mod group to be required for every item in the group (cheese for a pizza)

  • Standard Modifier Pricing – This setting allows you to set a standard price for all modifiers in a group. Once set individual modifier prices cannot be changed. You can also set it to have a different price for extra of the same mod

The screenshot below shows the modifier page and I will break down each part:

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  • New Modifier – This box is where you enter the name of a new modifier being added to the menu (If it is not in the current mod box then use this box)

  • Current Modifiers – This box shows every modifier on the entire menu for all groups so it can be selected again for a specific menu group

  • Available modifiers – this box shows any mod that can be added to this specific menu group. (in order to add a modifier to the available modifier box you need to highlight it in the current modifier box and hit add)

  • The next section shows every modifier in the group and the order it appears on the menu (once a mod is placed in a square it can not be moved around without removing and readding it)(To get a mod in the squares click on a modifier from the available modifiers section then click an unused square)

  • Alphabetize – this button rearranges all the mods in alphabetical order

  • Exclude modifier by Item – this box allows you to select which modifiers are not allowed on a specific item. It works as follows:

a.      Click the exclude modifier button


b.      Once in this screen select and item from the list on the left then select any mod you do not want available on the item. You know it is not allowed because it will have a red box around and appear in the excluded box on the right

Going back to the original screenshot:

  • Modifier name – this is the name you entered in the new modifier box (This can not be changed once created)

  • Button name – this is the name that appears on the menu itself (this can be changed)

  • Receipt name – This is what shows on the receipt (This can be changed)

  • Kitchen name – this is the name that shows on the Kitchen Display or the Kitchen receipt (This can be changed)

  • Menu Category – this is the menu category you want the mod to be included under (can be used in reporting)

  • Report Group – this is the direct reporting group you want the mod to show on a report (EX. Menu Mix)

  • Tax Type – if you want the mod to be taxed you need to have a tax type entered here

  • Modifier category – this is required if you use the required mod option as this box is what determines the group needed to be required

  • Price always applies – This checkbox makes it so even if a mod is subbed out it will still charge and the price will apply through coupons

  • Use image – Revention has some default images for items and mods that can be selected

  • Dlvy Remind – This box is checked if you need a pop up for the delivery driver to remind them to not forget an individual item

  • No half – This item is not allowed on half and half but rather the whole item

  • Kich only – it will only print in the kitchen

  • No kich display – It will not appear on the kitchen display at all

Once all those setting are correct there is a box that say online / more options this is how to add a modifier to the online menu just ensure the is online box is checked


Once everything else is complete and setup as desired the very bottom is the pricing


This only applies if standard modifier pricing is not enabled

Here is where you can price out each mod. IT is broken down by sizes on the menu. There is also a half option (assuming no half is not checked)




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