The fundraiser function allows you to donate a percentage of the sales for a specified day to an organization, such as a school or charity.

You are running a fundraiser for a local Little League team. 20 percent of the sales on July 1-31 will be donated to the team

This function only references the sales attributed to a group. The amount to give to organization will have to be calculated separately


Step by Step Instructions

Set up Fundraiser Report Category and Report Group

  1. Go to Config

  2. Select System

  3. Select Report Categories

  4. Select Add New

  5. Type for Fundraiser New Report Category Name: (be sure to use correct spelling)

  6. Select OK  


Under Report Group Fundraiser,

              Select Fundraiser in drop down list for                 

              it's Report Category

                   a. Select Report Group

                   b. Select Add New

                   c. Type Fundraiser for New Report Group Name:

                   d. Select OK

                   e. Select Save and Exit.


Setup new menu Group called Fundraiser

  1. Go to Orders

  2. Select Edit Menu

  3. Select Edit Menu again

  4. Right click in the blank space in the Menu Group area

  5. Select Add New Group

  6. Type Fundraiser for New Group:

  7. Click Add arrow

  8. Under Default Values: select Fundraiser Report Group

  9. On the Items screen, enter the name of the fundraiser group in the New Item: field

  10. Select Add arrow

  11. Continue adding new Fundraisers until all are entered and on the item layout screen.

  12. Select Finish

  13. Save and Exit Edit Mode


How to apply Fundraisers

The Cypress Aggie item will need to be added to each order placed on throughout July  in order to accurately compute the donation. The item can be the first Item, the last Item, or anywhere in the middle. To add the item to an order, select the Fundraiser menu group. Click the Cypress Aggies button, and add all other menu items are you regularly would. Send the item to the kitchen, and tender the order. The "Cypress Aggies" item should be added to ALL qualifying orders on July 30


Report Instructions

 The Fundraiser report displays the order count and total dollar amount for all fundraiser programs for a specified date. To access the report: 

 Select Mgmt from the main screen.

 Select Reports from the Mgmt screen. 

Select the Sales category. 

Select the Fundraiser report from the Other category





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