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The menu control feature is a convenient way to mark an item out of stock or to even add PLUs.

To use the menu control in the POS go to:


The menu control screen looks like this:


From here your able to select which menu you want to you and be able to break down the filter by menu groups using the drop boxes at the top.


There are three sections to the menu control: 

  • Out of stock – This list all of the items on your menu and the checkbox to the right will mark an item out of stock (checked is out of stock unchecked is in stock

  • Item Prices – This shows all of the item prices on the menu you are able to modify this number:

  • PLUs – This is the spot in the POS where you can enter a PLU code for an item to make it easier to track or enter into the system. This is the only place you can enter PLUs in the POS


Using this system makes for easier tracking of out of stock items

**NOTE** Once you make any changes here MAKE SURE TO HIT THE UPLOAD OUT OF STOCK BUTTON, This button pushes the changes to your Online ordering website.




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