Exporting a Menu

Step by Step Instructions

Go to Utilities then Import/Export and select menu at the top of the screen.

Select your menu you wish to export. Press the ellipses tab to select where you want to export your menu file to. The POS will default to the ‘Export’ file located in C:\Revention for later use. You can also change the patch to an external drive to make the process easier. Here you can name the file whatever you want. Click save to export the file.

As you can see once you export your file you will see there is an .rmf file in the Export folder in C:\Revention\Export. If you exported the file to an external drive, it will be in that file path instead. 


From here you would then need to either move the .rmf file to an external drive or if you have already done this. You will then need to physically go to any location you want to import your menu to. 


Importing a Menu

Step by Step Instructions

Importing is a similar process. Go to Utilities > Import/Export > Menu. Make sure your external drive is plugged into the station. Click the ellipses in the import section. Go to the file path to locate the .rmf file. Select the .rmf and click save then press import. You will see a loading bar indicating it is in process.  


Below is a breakdown of the options found in the Import/Export section


 Optional Data can be added along with the menu export. Item and Order Notes can be included as well as Coupons. You can also place a comment to further specify what is involved in this export


Automated Processing Options (Future Feature) allows a menu file to be created that will automatically import and update your menu. The options here allow you to tweak the menu file to your liking. Manual import only will remove the automated part and only allow the file to be manually activated. Before activating, the option to purge the existing menu and coupons is offered also. The import date controls when the menu file will be activated and import itself


Rename Menu field can be used to rename menus to prevent confusion if there are multiple files that are named the same 


Purge menu and Coupon Data is used to remove current data on the currently active menu prior to an import. This is so you can start with a clean slate to ensure none of the previous menu items or Coupons interfere with your newly imported data.import_menu_8.png




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