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Setting up a run command is fairly simple; in this guide I will demonstrate how to create one, using a web browser to as the example.

 The first step (if it’s a website URL you want to use) is to save a shortcut to the site you want it to visit.

 Click the link highlighted below on the page’s URL that you want to save.


Use the drop-down menu where you will click ‘save page as'


Save options will then pop up for you to select the destination for your URL to be saved.


Choose the location you want to save it to in this case the desktop. 

Then open up Revention POS and go to config then select computer.

Then navigate to apps to take you to the page below.


In the ‘Add New’ section name your app and then use the ellipses on the far right to find the path that your URL is saved to.


After that just select Add and that’s it you have added a run command.

Exit out of computer and navigate to utilities.

At the bottom of the utilities page is a run program drop down menu.




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