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Should you want to add an additional delivery fee to a certain zone, follow this guide. This is helpful if you don’t want to increase the delivery fee for all your delivery orders, and just want the change to affect a certain zone. To begin, log into Revention and go to Config > Customer Maintenance


From here, select the tab titled Zones. You can add an additional Delivery Fee one of two ways, from this screen you can see the column called Addnl Fee. If you know what zone you need to add the fee to, you can click in the field in this column that corresponds to that zone and type the fee you want to add. Once you add the fee you’d like here, either press enter or click somewhere outside of the Addnl Fee box to save the change.


If you are unsure which zone it is, simply click the green button below the list of zones that says Geofence, this will bring up a map that shows the physical representation of your configured delivery zones.


Now you can see your Geofence and select the zone you need to add a fee to. Once you do, the Zone Edit box will appear on the right side of the screen showing the Zone’s name, Dlvry Fee (Addnl Fee from the previous screen), and Driver Comp. Simply click in the Dlvry Fee field and input the fee you desire.

*Please note that the Dlvry Fee and Driver Comp are additional fees that you are imposing on a zone, it will be added to what you’ve got configured in Config > System > Delivery.


Once satisfied with the additional delivery fee on this zone, press the green save button in the Zone Edit box, then the red X in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you back to the Zones option screen. Simply hit upload zones to push your configuration to online ordering.


Re-launch HungerRush on all stations, for the configurations to take full effect.del_fee_zone_6.png




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