Step by Step Instructions

Situations arise when a driver is dispatched a order he can not take out for one reason or another

In which case you need to have another driver take it.


Make sure Both Drivers appear in the dispatch screen.

If they don’t both show up in the dispatch screen just go make sure there cash drawer Is open in employee cash out if the Drawer is closed the driver will not show up in driver cash out. (do not add them back in using Add/Remove Drivers that’s meant for clocked in employees who are not clocked in as drivers)


To move reassign a order First return the driver who has the order.


Then select complete and highlight the order you want to Redispatch.


Select Remove Dispatch to send the order back to the ready screen.

With the order back in the ready screen.

Highlight it again and select the Driver you want to redispatch it to.

And that’s how you Redispatch a order for delivery.




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