Step by Step Instructions

In order to send mapping to a driver, a few conditions have to be met.

·       Google maps must first be configured for your POS system.

·       The service provider as well as the mobile number of the driver should be entered on the driver’s employee profile.

To accomplish these conditions please follow the steps below.


Step1: Turning on Google Maps

To turn on the setting for Google maps (it is turned on individually for each station), from the main menu of the POS select the ‘Config’ tab and then the option for ‘Computer’.


Next select the tab all the way on the right for ‘Advanced Settings’ and then check mark the option to ‘Use Google Maps’.


Step2: Enter mobile number & service provider for drivers.

Begin by choosing the ‘Mgmt’ tab from the main POS menu and then selecting the ‘Employee’ tab and logging to see all available employees.

After accessing the employee tab, find the desired driver and from the main page of the employee profile input the mobile number and service provider for your driver’s mobile phone. 


Step3: Sending the Maps via the dispatch screen.

From the delivery screen, once an order has been dispatched to a driver and the driver becomes on-road, the maps for each individual order can be sent to the driver by highlighting the order and the driver and selecting the ‘Send Map to Driver’ button.sending_maps_5.png




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