Step by Step Instructions

To setup your delivery options. First you will log into the POS. 


From here you click on config then system.


You will be brought to the system configuration screen.


Now click delivery in the upper right of the screen an that will take you to the delivery options.


When you first go to set up delivery options the default settings would look like this. 

  • Check driver license - checks driver info in employee profile

  • Allow mgmt. override- allows mgmt. to override  check time

  • Check insurance – if insurance is included the system will check for this

  • Max order per run – number orders allowed to take at once

  • OTD average count – if aver set will display the current out the door average

  • Max $ before drop – most money a driver can have before have to deposit it

  • Default starting bank – starting cash driver carries on them

  • Max miles per run -  the max miles they are allowed to travel

  • Default miles per run – minimum amount of miles they need to dispatch on

  • Dispatch FIFO – requires drivers to take oldest orders first ( no picking and choosing orders)

  • Require auth for dispatch   - requires mgmt. approval

  • Allow remove driver on road – allows you to take a driver off the on road screen

  • Remove voids from dispatch - removes voided orders

  • Auto log off  - logs you out of POS after dispatching

  • Allow manual delivery fee – allows u to set a delivery fee

  • Remove from dispatch screen on recall – if you had a KDS  this takes order off dispatch screen and puts it back in kitchen

  • Print driver copy of drop receipt – if they are requiring td to drop cash this prints a receipt for driver

  • No drop receipt printer  - stops the receipt from printing after drop

  • Check for drop on return – if they have  max$ before drop set the system checks for order total on return

  • Managed delivery – if you had Door dash or 3rd party integration

  • Send driver confirmation email


Enabling compensation will give you 4 options

  • Amount - lets you add dollar value

  • Mileage lets you set the minimum compensation and maximum compensation earned 


Percent lets you set a percent for a minimum and maximum compensation value 


Compensation includes delivery fee adds the delivery fee to the driver’s compensation


Enabling delivery fee will give you 4 new options as well

  • Amount - lets you add dollar value 

  • Mileage – lets you set the mileage fee ,  minimum and max  fee settings 

  • Percent lets you set a percent for a minimum and maximum fee value 

  • Taxable – dictates whether the fee is taxable or not 



Zones and Delivery Options

If you want to use a delivery zone to set up your delivery area you will need to enable use zones by selecting the use zones option on the right


To set up zones you will need to go to config customer maintenance 


Click on  zones at the top which is the fourth option from the left


In this screen you click zone name to create the name of your zone and click add 


After making zone   set it to active and click geofence


This will bring up google maps for you to begin drawing on  the map interface 


Click the arrow tool

Once clicking the icon you will be able to plot points on the map

Click this icon and connect the dots, until you get your area drawn,  remember no overlapping of drawn areas.


Once the dots are connected this shaded area will define your delivery zones.   Only addresses in that area will be able to place orders in the pos system as the data is pulled directly from googles maps

  • Zone – name

  • Dlvy fee – set am additional delivery fee for this zone

  • Driver comp  - can set additional compensation for delivering to this zone

  • this allows you to edit the zone

  • this deletes the zone

  • saves the zone





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