Step by Step Instructions

Before you begin I Highly recommend having a mouse and keyboard it will make this process a lot easier then if you where to use the touch screen.


To get to where you would draw the zones you will go to the Config section.

Then Select Customer Maint. As seen in this screenshot below.


In Customer maintenance you will then select Zones.


The Zones page is where everything is set up for them to work.

The First step to building a zone is to Give it a Name then select add.


If you plan on adding multiple zones you will add them the same way before you build them.

Once you add in the Zone you will click the Green button labeled Geofence and it will take you to the map page as seen below.


Building the Zone:

Now in this page you will draw the map essentially its connecting the dots where you make the dots.

You Will build your zone around your store which is the red building at the center of the map.

You will put the first dot wherever you wish your zone to start then a line will follow your mouse until you click your next point .


You will then click the spot for the next point surrounding the store. to fill in the zone you will click the  first point and it will fill in and look similar to the screenshot below.

(note I just made a square around the store but you can put the points where ever you like just make sure not to cross the lines)


With the initial zone built you can still edit the zones looks.

To do this you will click the blue pencil button located here


 This will cause the points you created to come back. Now to further edit if you notice the lighter points in the picture above between the points you made.

All these points can be pulled in or out to further shape your zone to something similar to this 


 These points as you can see can help you shape the zone to cover the area you want to deliver yo and to cut out areas that you don’t. like the lake in the screenshot above

This is how you would shape your zones to fit your needs once the zone is shaped to your desire you can hit the Green Save button on the right side of the screen


Multiple Zones:

 Now if you have multiple zones it’s the exact same process as the first zone with the only Restriction is being that You Do not want to overlap your zones. It will cause conflicts.

Here is a example of overlapping zones.


What you would do is mold the other zone around the perimeter of the first zone so it will be on the edge of the zone but it will not overlap.

Again you will click the blue Button with the pencil inside to bring back up the points to shape the zone properly without causing any overlap.


You can also swap which zones your editing by clicking the Zone drop-down menu and selecting which zone you would like to edit .


Delivery/ Additional fee and Driver compensation.

With The zones made, your Zone page in Customer Maintenance will look like this.


You can now change if you choose to deliver to the zone or not here.


You would simply just click the drop-down menu and select no.

As well as what the delivery fee and driver compensation for each zone here.


You would select the 0.00 then enter what you want them to be.


If you Already have a set delivery fee and driver compensation set in the Delivery settings. You can leave these fields at 0.00.

If they are set but you have zones that you want to charge more you would set the additional fee and it will add to the preexisting Delivery comp and fee.

So if your Delivery Fee is 2.00 But you want to Charge $4 To everyone within the Test zone

You would just set the Additional Fee to $2 .

Same Steps with the Delivery fee.

With everything set and your happy with how the zones look and any additional fees set,

You would Click the Upload Zones button to push it to your online ordering. And you are finished setting up your delivery zones




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